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Chanukah on the Water!

"We didn't expect that!" was the reaction of many students on the Chanukah boat ride.

A project in partnership with Chabad of Rotterdam, Jewish students from The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden joined for a unique Chanukah experience.

With the scenic views of Rotterdam from the water, we enjoyed a delicious buffet, played a competitive Chanukah trivia game, lit the Menora, sang songs and socialized with old friends and new acquaintances.

"Is it really over already?"

"Wow, this is exactly the distraction I needed from exam season"

"My mom is going to be so happy that I'm celebrating Chanuka at uni even though I'm not with family. I'll definitely send her photos."

"We should definitely do this again, thank you so much!"

With quotes like these, there is a definite consensus that this was not the boat to be missed!

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